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Following a terrific reaction to all the newest equipment in October, we have yet more amazing new kit on the way. After the success of the Korum Speedfit Chair Accessory Feeder Range and Float poles, plus a complete host of new Snapper items in the wintertime, there is more hitting the shelves in the coming weeks.

There is loads more to come this summer, so watch this space. Until then, enjoy the first of the warmer weather as well as this new equipment. Tight lines!

Angling is the biggest participation sport of the UK, but we believe it is time to make it more accessible than ever and larger.

The push of the I adore Fishing campaign would be to encourage new anglers into the sport and train the next generation about the advantages of fishing safely and correctly. We wish to teach both adults and kids about the delights of angling, appreciate the significance of the setting and how to respect their environment. We want to promote angling as a lifestyle option - a recreational family activity which can be enjoyed in Britain's varied and astonishing countryside.

Korum fishing gear was created for the modern enjoyment and specialist angler, offering top quality products which will help transform your fishing for the better. Have a look throughout the website for some content that is amazing - from videos as well as angling websites, to posts, fishing guides not to mention, loads of information about our latest tackle.

Korum Rods