TF Gear Ex Demo Force 8 Rapid All Weather Compact Carp Fishing Day Shelter

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TFGear has made it possible for 1 man, his bed and all of his tackle to be out of the wind and rain all day long or for 2 seated anglers to fish from dawn 'til dusk in the same high level of comfort and convenience.

 The new TFGear Force 8 Rapid day shelter in top quality, heavy-duty nylon can be erected and pegged ready for occupation in a few minutes... much quicker than a brolly in many cases - and far more effective!

The new TFGear Force 8 Rapid day shelter stands taut, sturdy and wind-resistant thanks to its perfectly tensioned reinforced fibre glass ribs and multiple pegging points, and for belt 'n' braces anglers there are guy cords for even greater stability.

This superb day shelter features a truly useful back panel which can be opened and secured for ventilation or pole-shipping, making it one very versatile, light, spacious refuge you'll be glad to own when the weather turns nasty.

The TFGear day shelter packs up small and compact and fits neatly into the supplied carry bag.


  • Plenty of room for 1 or 2 anglers plus gear
  • Superb all weather protection
  • Reinforced fibre glass frame
  • Rock solid in high winds
  • Packs up small and compact into supplied carry bag