NGT Deluxe Carp Fishing 2 Rod & Reel Set + Bedchair Bivvy Tackle Leads PVA Net

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A complete deluxe carp fishing set up for all modern anglers! This set contains enough to immediately get you set up and ready for your first catch! We've carefully selected some of the most essential products so you don't have to. This advanced set also includes a 2 man fortress Bivvy with classic Bedchair allowing you to relax until the alarms go off! Grab a bargain today and enjoy challenge of playing some fish!


  • This Fantastic Great Value For Money Carp Fishing Setup Comes With The Following:
  • 2 x12ft ,2pc Rods + 2 x EG40 2BB Reels + 2 x VX1 Bite Alarms + Session Rod Pod Stand +
  • 2 Man fortress Bivvy + Classic Bedchair +Deluxe Beanie Mat + 6+1 Tackle Box + Insulated Carryall + 12ft 3+3 rod Holdall
  • Scale + Sling + Grinder + 3 x Inline Leads + 4pc Plastic Tool Set + 5L Round Camo Bucket
  • PVA Bags , 6 x Barbless Rigs + 42" Net & Handle + 180pc Terminal Tackle Set